Lewis P. Adams

I was born into a small farming community in Jerome, Idaho.  At about the age of two, my parents divorced.  We moved in with my grandparents in another farming community outside of Moses Lake, Washington.  Although I don’t remember much, there was an Air Force Base just outside of town.  My mother’s sister had a boyfriend that was stationed at the base.  Luckily, he had a friend that had a car and one evening was willing to drive him to our house.  The young man that drove him, popped into the house.  My mother poked her head out of the kitchen door for just a few minutes to say hello, but it was enough time for that young man to know that he was going to marry my mother.  And he did.  He married her and her four children and I am eternally grateful.

Since he was in the military, it gave us the opportunity to live all over the United States, the Orient, and Europe.  It was a wonderful educational experience for all of us.  My biological father essentially disappeared from my life.  I saw him once when I was eight and then not again until I was nearly 38.  The good news is that this wonderful man that married my mother, adopted all four of us.  I now carry his name.

We initially lived in a tiny 8′ x 36′ trailer the first few years of my life.  Dad had built bunk beds three layers high to sleep everyone.  After a while, we graduated to a 10′ x 50′ metal hallway.  We needed more room, because Dad’s mother, my grandmother, came to live with us.  The funny thing is, we had no idea we were poor or that it was crowded.  As children, we thought we were living the life.  We had everything we needed, love, a roof over our head, each other and we had fun.

My parents both dropped out of high school.  I didn’t know.  My dad was an aircraft mechanic and I thought he was the smartest man in the world.   He knew everything about  airplanes and could work on any car.  Mom was a bookkeeper.  She kept the books for a couple of businesses.  They both eventually received their graduation equivalency degrees.

Life has certainly changed since then.  After serving in the military myself, I decided to go to law school.  The last twenty-five years or so has been spent trading time for money in my own law practice.   I have had a lot of success as an attorney practicing in the area of bankruptcy law.   Success or not, I was stressed out and burnt out.

As a solo practicing attorney, I hired internet marketing companies to assist me with my marketing.  I also attempted my own personal marketing efforts on occasion.  Interestingly, I found that when my own marketing efforts were used, my ability to attract new clients increased over the the efforts of the different companies we hired.  We all utilized the same awesome technology to which ‘everyone’ has access, yet my efforts created much higher profit margins.  Maybe it was because I cared more about my business than they cared about my business.

As the internet matured, I realized that there was an incredible opportunity staring me in the face.  Here was a lucrative and powerful economic driver that far surpassed anything my law practice could create.

It is easy to see that the Internet is where business takes place, where people socialize, and where we gather and receive information  The internet has become the most effective way to reach others, to do business, promote ideas, and to communicate with family and friends.

Creating an online business also requires less management time and fewer expenses than would normally be required in a traditional business.  I know.  As an attorney, it cost me over $20,000 a month, just to keep my doors open, before I was able to make a profit.

Best of all, an internet business doesn’t require a degree!  I spent nearly eight years in school to get that law degree.

I’m a person with a lifetime of successes, along with a few failures.  I sadly found that the career and life I had chosen was no longer satisfying nor serving me.  Something was missing.  It was feeling more like prison everyday.  I was feeling a tremendous amount of stress..

My own dreams and aspirations were left unfulfilled.

There was a time I couldn’t see an end in sight.  I didn’t think I had a solution because bankruptcy law was all I knew.  So, for the time being, I continued business as usual despite its restrictions and my lack of passion. The worst part was that my health was deteriorating.

Something happened in my life that changed things.  I was having pain in my legs.  My veins were bulging and when I visited my doctor, he informed me that I was having something similar to a heart attack in my legs.  He also let me know that I was on the verge of having a very real heart attack.  I thought I was healthy.  Something had to change.  I changed my diet and started to look for a different way to create income.

Although I loved assisting people with their financial lives, I didn’t own my time.  I couldn’t just quit, but all I knew was the practice of law.  Then I met a former Investment Banker.  She had been in the business for over 20 years.  Like me, she owned her own business.  She found a way out of the stress.  She threw me a lifeline, a stepping stone to an entirely new lifestyle.  She had replaced her income as an Investment Banker in a relatively short period of time.  That’s what I wanted.  She offered me an entirely way to create income.  And she agreed to mentor me.  It is transforming my life.

My wife and I like to travel, but haven’t been able to over the last 25 years because of the business that I though I owned, but really owned me.  We like to travel and visit new places around the world.  What a concept, having both time and money. With the assistance of mentors, I am learning that  I can work on the beach or anywhere else I choose as long as I have my computer or my phone and an internet connection.  I am not confined to an office for 10 to 12 hours a day.  The courts, the judges and my calendar are no longer able to dictate how I spend my time.

I did not want to be that person that died at his desk as I have seen so many attorneys do, never having lived out my personal dreams.  Hopefully, this doesn’t sound familiar, but if it does, are you the person with the desire and potential to do something different with your life, to transform into the person you have always wanted to be, exploring your passions, your desires and your dreams?  Do you have “responsibilities” that are stopping you? Do you have limiting beliefs that may be stopping you?

The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to do anything really crazy to go after your dreams.  In addition, everyone around you, and those you love can also benefit!

The funny thing was that as I was looking for a way to leave my law practice, business took an upswing.  I was busier that I had been in a few years.  I felt more trapped than ever.  I experience better than average income that year.  But happiness is not just about the money . It was time to stop dreaming about travel and my perfect life and start creating it!  I could not imagine another 25 years in the stressful life I had chosen.

I wanted freedom and above-average income, but I had no idea how to have both.

As I was listening to a channel on YouTube, I listened to a video by the Investment Banker about how her life had changed.  She explained that marketing in the digital economy is currently exploding and how to take advantage of it.  I was already using the internet to market my law practice.  She was willing to show me how to create a new business or several businesses, work from anywhere, increase my income, and reach massive markets quickly, not just in my own home town, but anywhere in the world.

This possibility did not exist when I first launched my law practice. It is now the avenue that is allowing me to pursue my long-stifled dreams and aspirations. It is now an integral part of everything I do both personally and professionally.

I never imagined I would be able to really love my work, set my own hours, and work anywhere in the world.  I get to dictate who gets my time, and I get to determine how much I earn.

I learned a few things about life as an attorney.  Clients that came to see me in my bankruptcy practice thought they were secure in their jobs, home life, and health.  Often, the reason they came to see me was because they learned that what they thought was security was an illusion.  Health issues, divorce, loss of employment and any number of issues can change your life very quickly.  We create our own stability.  I have been able to tap into some remarkable education.  I have everything needed for anything I want to pursue, which also includes promoting great products and services that can generate passive income.

The best part is that the Internet doesn’t discriminate – no matter what your education level, age, tech knowledge, background, it doesn’t matter.  It welcomes everyone with something valuable to offer!  And Everyone has something to offer.

If you are here, my guess is that you have an entrepreneurial mindset . . . you have the desire to control your destiny and to lift the limits on how you live your life. This is available to anyone!

When I stumbled upon this educational opportunity, I didn’t hesitate and I am so glad that I went with my gut instinct. If you choose to do the same, it could be the stepping stone to a life you dreamed of.

BUT IT TAKES A DECISION . . . one that you must see through to achieve your goals. That’s what every successful, wealthy entrepreneur does.  It’s not an easy road, but it certainly can be an immensely rewarding one! And if you choose to join our entrepreneurial community, I will personally be here to assist you in any way that I can.  I invite you to reach out and schedule a chat with me. I wish you great success and abundance!  You can start with the free on demand workshops.   It’s all just a click away.

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