How is your health? There has been a growing segment of the population that is looking to more raw and vegetarian lifestyles than ever before. Food that has been overly processed no longer has the required nutrition to maintain a healthy body. Fat free usually means added sugars the maintain flavor. If it is sugar free there are often other artificial sweeteners that are creating other health issues.
Your systems needs fiber to keep your gastrointestinal system working. Healthy fiber comes from nuts, fruit and grains. one of the highest fiber foods you can eat are Pistachio nuts and almonds. Included in higher fiber foods are fruits such as oranges, bananas, avocados, and figs. You can get good fiber from oats and barley. Even popcorn and potatoes are great sources of fiber. And it should go without saying, they should be eaten fresh.
Certainly potatoes, carrots, sweet potatoes are often easier to eat and digest cooked. However, you may recall the “apple a day keeps the doctor away!” Fresh fruits and nuts can make a wonder dinner menu. Often my wife and I will cut up an avocado, an apple, peal an orange, have some grapes and add some almonds, walnuts or pecans, and even a tomato for dinner. It is colorful and satisfying. It is quick to make and inexpensive. Much better that anything from a box or can.
Isn’t your health worth it? Share what you enjoy!