In the United States we celebrate July 4th as our Independence Day.  It was the day that representatives from the thirteen tiny colonies on the eastern shores declared their independence from England.  They were British subjects that felt their grievances and concerns were not being considered in England.  Taxation had increased to pay for an unpopular war the English had been fighting against the French.  By making such a declaration, their lives hung in the balance.  The response of the British Empire was send additional troops to the New England coast to try and quell the rebellious, ungrateful colonists.  The crown replaced their heads of government with English subjects loyal to the Crown.  Tension continued to rise until fighting finally broke out.

The most famous of our heroes was a former British Office, George Washington, called into action by the fledgling colonial government.  He faced a daunting task.  He would certainly be hung or shot as a traitor if captured.  Doing the best he could with what he had, he found that he had to run from the fight more than attempting to win the fight.  Discouragement set in as many of his men deserted him and many were too ill to fight.  He had little funds to finance his army and his men went without most of the time.  Those loyal to him remained loyal to the end.  Then, in the dead of winter, one battle changed everything.  It was cold, it had been raining, the powder was wet, but the tattered soldiers took the fight to the British soldiers, catching many of them asleep.  They attached bayonets and fought with all the vigor they could muster.  it was the battle changed the outcome of the war.

In our own lives, we often move forward, battling day in and day out, feeling like we are always on the run, never able to catch up.  At times it seems we can never win the battle.  Funds are often scarce.  We do without the resources that could really make the difference in winning in our daily battles.  If you are running a small business, expenses pile up and the search and chasing of revenue takes a toll on our time. We find ourselves getting up earlier in the morning and staying later in the evening trying desperately to stay one step ahead of losing the battle.  Discouragement often sets in.  We feel like we are deserting our families and those important to us.  We end up spending most of our time doing things that are important to everyone else, and finding that we do not have time to do the things that are most important to us.

The battle fought by George Washington in the dead of winter was really quite out of the ordinary.  The British officers were on leave for the Christmas holiday.  George Washington took advantage of the opportunity and so surprised the British forces, that it gave his men and a nation courage and hope.

Sometimes the “out of ordinary” is what is needed to win the battles we face.  What is the “out of ordinary” that can provide us with that winning strategy, that will provide us with the courage to win?  Are we seeking our own Independence Day?  For me, after nearly 25 years as a solo practicing attorney, struggling every week to keep the bills paid, keep the lights on, keep the employees paid and happy, I found that what I originally thought would bring me freedom, enslaved me.  I found myself getting up earlier in the morning, staying later in the evening, trading my time for money.  It seemed as though no matter how much I increased my fees, my expenses seemed to escalate as much or more.  My employees fared no better.  Although they were loyal and faithful to the business, they were stuck earning just enough to keep them from leaving, but not enough to pay them for their real value to the business.

My Independence day came when I discovered a few individuals who were willing to mentor me in internet marketing.  With my business, I was used to marketing.  There was constant marketing, expensive marketing, to get new clients and to stay one step ahead of the competition.  What they showed me was an educational system that enabled them to earn money using online marketing in a completely different way.  They were able to eventually quit their jobs and sell their businesses and live life without the restrictions of the 9-5 job (or in my case, the 8 – 8 day.  One of my mentors had been in the commercial lending business for over 20 years and no longer had to “report” to an office.  She was able to work from her home, the beach, the mountains, anywhere in the world, and she was able to replace her income.  She was no longer working those same long hours.  Best of all, she was willing to assist me to gain the same freedom.

I have had to learn some new skills in the online arena, but the time to learn has been worth every minute it has taken me to learn and update my skills.  I was successful at what I was doing as an attorney. There was no reason I was not able to use that same work ethic and professionalism to develop a business that would allow me the very things that had alluded me all these years.  I still have to work, but my time is mine.  I have declared my independence from the daily grind, from the 9  to 5.  And so can you.  If you want to know more about my change of lifestyle and education available to you to do the same, there are other pages on this site that will allow you to plug into the same mentors that were willing to assist me.  In addition, I am more than happy to assist anyone wishing to declare their independence as well.