I listened to a short video today on the power of belief. It is always good to remember that happiness is a always a choice.

The main point of the video was that belief is the beginning point of all success. We must also remember that It is also the beginning point of all failure and misery. Why would we ever choose that? and yet we do.

Everything starts with a belief. We will attract the circumstances or create our reality based on whatever we think about the most. “As a man thinketh, so is he.”

Whether you call it the law of attraction or whether you realize you are choosing an alternate reality as quantum physics explains it, it is still your choice, and it starts with what you believe.

Gregg Braden talks about Tibetan monks chanting to assist them to get to the feeling of what it is they are praying for or seeking. Along with belief, we must feel our desire or our belief as well. As he describes it, we must experience the feeling and belief as if it has already happened. Be in gratitude.

This is only the beginning. The next part is the physical part. We must act. We must do the work or the action part of our desire. It is not enough to simply leave our desires in our thoughts, creation requires putting our thoughts into physical form.

If we take the lessons learned in Tibet, we can look into the mirror and continue to chant positive desirable things over and over again until we can feel what it is we desire. Once we feel our answers, we will bring our desire to us through creation. The more emotion we give it. The greater the shift.

Remember. Their can be no doubting. Doubt creates the opposite of what we desire, because we are creating the belief that we can’t have it. Remember, we get what we’re thinking about.

What do you desire? What are you ready to create? Only I can create my desired outcome. I am the creator of my reality. Good or bad, I will choose my reality. Only I control what I think and believe.

Why not create only beautiful positive results? Our results are always determined by our choices in both thought and action. I am always able to look at my results to determine if my thoughts are on alignment with my beliefs and desires.

What have been your results? Want different results, change your beliefs and all that follows.  Do you want to create a life of freedom from the rat race and the 9-5 results that we have all somehow bought into? The internet has opportunities to create income from anywhere in the world if you are willing to apply yourself.  Although such a life is not for everyone, those who desire more will find the opportunities without limit.  If you want more, I will send you free workshops that explain the path that may change your life like it has mine.